Farewell Ride Out

Hi folks.Off to Afghanistan on Sept 10th for a year, so advance notice of my farewell ride out - Sunday 31st August (get that date in your diaries!!). Meeting at Boxhill for a social (tea, chips, chat), then we can lane around for a bit, head up to Newlands for another cuppa / snacks etc. People can come and go as they please, if some want to go fast, cool,and others slow, then okay. I won’t be leading as everyone knows I have no sense of direction (see Boxhill Forum LOL :D:D)

It will be fun and easy going. There will be NO RAIN guaranteed. Start doing the sun dance and saying your prayers now !! :D:D

Also am having a usual ‘Charlie and the Angels’ ride out on 20th July at Boxhill. So if anyone wants to join us for that too welcome. We are currently auditioning for the role of Bosley and also there will need to be a replacement ‘Charlie’s Angel’ for one year when i go away. In case this doesn’t make any sense at all LOL there’s a group of 3 of us ladies and 1 bloke who ride out together and we decided to be ‘Charlie and his Angels’ LOL:D:D

So 31st August folks for the farewell ride and anyone up for a wee lane on the 20th July is also welcome to join us.



Actually, have just been informed by the Box Hill Forum lot that I am leading this farewell ride out on the 31st August, since ‘Charlie’ is away. Ha Ha Ha, that’s the biggest joke I have ever heard :D:D It’s not even worth advertising this ‘ride out’ now, as if you come I will get you lost and we will end up in the middle of nowhere. If any foolhardy people decide they are up for this at the time, remember to say goodbye to family and friends, bring a compass, a sat nav, a map, a personal guide, enough provisions, clothes, passport and money for a LONG trip.

Alternatively offers to lead this ride are open. The job advert is as follows:


Very brave and courageous man or woman to lead ride out from Box on 31st August.

Must know suitable lanes and interesting routes to Newlands caff.

Must also be familiar with scenic spots, nice lakes, woods and places of interest.

Must be nice, friendly and have a good sense of humour.

Must be prepared to hang around Rykas car park for some considerable time chatting, drinking luke warm tea, looking at bikes and eating chips.

Must be able to identify suitable loo stops and offer to be the one who stands in the queue at Newlands.

Must be able to lead a ride without getting lost.

Must be able to return with the same riders they set out with.

Must be familiar with both versions of Charlies Angels.

Pay - £20 for the ride. However, the candidate may be given a pay rise if they prove suitable and a bonus if they lead a fantastic ride.

Applications are welcome. The interviewing panel will be Helen.

I’m your man, qualify on all counts !!..Oh, just remembered i’ll be away.:crying:‘Charlie.’

I can’t believe you’ll be away Charlie for this important and dangerous mission - don’t you know Charlie is not allowed to take a holiday? It’s a bloody disgrace :D:D:D :hehe: We will have to find a replacement Charlie for the day, or a Bosley. I can’t see people queuing up for the job of leading this ride though, maybe I should increase the pay rate to £21 instead LOL

HI i would like to join in on the ride but have no sense of direction either but be happy to follow and dont mind getting lost:)

Nice one!! Good you don’t mind getting lost - this could be a ‘farewell ride out’ in more ways than one. Good thing Britian is surrounded by sea, it means we can’t get lost beyond the borders of the country. Next time I am riding round Box (will be July 20th) will be sure to TRY and remember the way we go!!

Yeah - reckon we need to find a leader - someone who fits the job description above :D:D