Farewell All

I’m jetting off to Sunny South Africa tomorrow night for two weeks of sunshine and catching up with old friends. Been 5 years since I’ve seen my brother and I am really looking forwards to it.

Ride safe all, be good in bus lanes, scare not the cyclists and please please please keep it shiney side up and rubber down.

Just finishing some stuff here at work and then will clear out this afternoon to have time to give the bike a jolly good clean. It is filthy.

Have a good one.

Catch up with you at BM sometime soon.

I’ll be down that way myself later this year as I have had my place on Enduro Africa confirmed

OK, I’m jealous. Have a fantastic time. I’m guessing it’s warm out there right now?

It was in the low 40’s C last week… HOT!

Enduro Africa is going to be a blast for you, hard work though.

have a good time makman


I was lucky enough to go to Cape Town on work last year, although I was only there a week (and working most of the time) I thought it was a really interesting city with an amazing landscape.

Enjoy yourself

Have fun matey!:w00t:

You lucky bugger, have a great time.

have a great time in that sun and hot weather .:hehe: