FAO Rixxy

They call me Blue Lagos for a reason :wink:

Yeah, coz you’re always telling really rude jokes and are addicted to porn!;):stuck_out_tongue:

And gay:D

LOL u meanie :stuck_out_tongue: He is lovely shhhh :smiley:

He`s gay, addicted to porn and lovely.:smiley:

apparently he’s also called er… BLUElagos for a reason too… um… not sure I’m keepin up here… er is it cos he’s blue or a lovely pervert… :wink:

I think his stage name is Blue, I’m sure he’s been seen hanging around Madam Jo Jo’s :wink:

Its because you have Carlos edwards playing for you

what can i say… every dog has its day.

and he’s not black either:D

i see Blue, he looks glorious!

He told me that story, lmao:D

Poor effort from arsenal not once did they look like they were gonna score so well done but

We will beat you at home

Cos I follow the Mighty Ipswich Town - who spanked the Goooners last night

As Rixxy, says, every dog has it’s day :smiley:

ps Any Chelsea fans and do one :w00t:

You’re all wrong, he’s into gay german porn in hotel rooms .


there is no denying that Ipswich deserved the win. I just hope shiver is right about the 2nd leg.

Do any of you LBers have a season ticket to the emirates?