Fao Chips

So where’s the pictures of your new ride then? Or have I missed them? :smiley:

Ahh give us a second I’ll take one.

Cant find the cable for the camera.

WIll be at BM wednesday :smiley:

is this the model? colour?

Here’s one from last sunday’s ride

Ah, there it is. Looks nice Chris. My phone obviously didn’t display the pictures when I looked at the thread last week.

I’ll get to another ride out and see how it goes :cool:

sat, chips ride. no excuses this time Rob :stuck_out_tongue:

Except I’m working, boo. I’m itching to get out again after the last ride out I went to but I’m working mainly weekends this month.

ummmmm… ???


ya got an SV chips! nice one, is it black? or gunmetal grey?

an SV! I like those. V-twin, manageable around town and they look c…

I got an SV

Right now it’s being recovered from out of a bush in Pirbright…

Went in to a left hand bend way too hot, went into the oncoming, saw a car in the oncoming, thought “that bush looks a lot softer than that big car” and hit the ditch.

Spent the rest of my evening in hospital.

Leg is more fukked than it was :frowning:

Bike is totalled, fairing wise

IF anyone has access to a van that can be down in Pirbright tomorrow please let me know :smiley: petrol & time paid :smiley:

All the best



Oh Sh!t Chris, I’m so sorry to hear this :crying:

Shit. Get well soon, just take it easy fella in the future.

OMG. Take it easy dude

We read enough about hedge magnets on here without you taking up full time ploughing as well.

oh dude sorry to hear this… take it easy in your recovery man and hope it all gets better soon (leg and bike!)


plank! I can pop down with the trailer if you’re stuck