Fantasy Race Team Manager

PositionTeam NameOwnerPoints1GrimbusaGrimbusa5282Rockers RacersGsxrRocker5243Grid Girls Guysgridgirl5204Elad’s Power RangersElad4755Bladeskipperbladeskipper4736Berry’s BlazersDavebez4617Highside RacingHighside4498FM Racingfarl4479SEADOOjasonb44210If In Doubt Go Flat Out :-)pritchi8344111Killer #1killer #144012LOZRCLozza43513dothemonkeywithmejohnnybravo43414bettyswollocks69danno4639115Road RashUber39016Bionic [email protected]!Seb#4337417Chunky’s Chargerschunkymonkey36618LBRobsterLBRobster34819The Orange SpoonsOrangeSpoon34820Mad HatterssteveGSX34021The X MenGabs33622hot pickslee100033123jimmys joy boysoctane33024Caledoniacddp32325DL’s Demonslorro6931526tinkerbells tearawaysTinkerbell31127Loki Lurchersloki-jme30528GHRCGazhurst30229late runnerssean07741028430LONDONBIKERS.COMB28331CBR Riothjabotelho26432Grays GreasersGraycF23633Rustys Racersrusty22734monkey magicmisty00115

Why can’t Haga finish 2 races!!

And Craig was promising soo much, yet finished poorly

Must have shagged his tyres with the 3rd - 1st in 1 corner antics!

Rea did well, but pipped at the post.

600’s are, by far, the most exciting championship this season.

Need to review my team - keep missing the transfer windows

i wish id never transferred naukirchner from my squad, just because he fell in the first race… DAMN

Damn it ! Slipped to 3rd :pinch:

Well done Grimmy :smiley:

Shame there is no smiley for gritted teeth ;):smiley:

I’m pretty sh*t at this really :slight_smile:

There are a lot worse you know:D