Fantastic foul weather ride on a Fuoco

Today I had another OR (“Observed Ride”) in my IAM Advanced Motorcyle Training. The weather forecast was for a storm with very heavy rain and high blustery winds. This proved to be all too accurate! I had decided to do this run on the Fuoco, the conditions were ideal to make full use of its road-holding and braking abilities. 90 minutes and 65 miles later my Observer and I arrived at our destination - with huge grins on our faces, totally soaked, but warm and buzzing.

We had encountered just about every hazard one could imagine, from roads awash to cagers hardly able to see where the road was, let alone a couple of motorbikes. On one occasion a van sent up a huge sheet of water right over me! But every traffic-light except two were either in our favour or changed to green as we slowed down, and the ride went as smoothly as one could wish.

The Fuoco really proved its worth. There were at least two occasions where I would have been very worried on just two wheels, and my Observer had to tippy-toe for a while, but the Fuoco just stayed planted and held its line. I was able to ignore all manhole covers, wet leaves, potholes and storm debris and just concentrate on getting the best vision ahead as possible in the teeming rain. In some of the wind gusts I could see my Observer swaying about in my mirrors, but again the Fuoco felt rock solid.

Totally exhilarating, topped only by being told that if that had been the actual Advanced Test I’d have passed with flying colours. A “Check test” next then. :slight_smile:

well whos a clever boy then? bloody show off!:D, well done! :wink:

Great things, stabilisers ! :stuck_out_tongue:


Who else went out for a ride for fun this morning though? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, our IAM is on the same day as yours, as I’ve passed already I was really in 2 minds about going. Ended up on the Enhanced Advanced social ride from Ripley to the Ace over Hammersmith bridge, then M40 (& past the M25 jct.) for the back roads back to Ripley.So what is the IAM view on you ignoring wet manhole covers etc. on your Fuocco? poor observation or just riding to the conditions? (

Riding within the capabilities of myself and my machine. :wink:

Although I know it’d be a no-no on the test, I did point out a few ‘gotcha’s’ to my Observer that could have been missed in the maelstrom - even though I just trampled over them.

Yes, OK, this might all come over as a bit smug, but it felt really great, riding full-bore (well as much as one safely could) in hell-for-leather conditions and just feeling fully alive.

great work,i think every biker should practice driving in tho,s conditions when theres no stupid cars on the road especialy when going up country lanes:)

thanks for this. thinking seriously about getting a fuoco. Had a titanium nail put in my leg last year ( courtesy of blind van driver) so want a safer ride now. Riding a hornet 600 at present and want something that still gets the pulse racing, so its good to hear from a proper biker, not just the company’s sales patter!

They’ll fall over as easily as any other bike when stationary without the tilt-lock, but are almost impossible to low-side when moving. :wink:

One good thing is the side protection provided by the frame - if you get t-boned by a van again the bike should take the impact - your legs will be protected.

so on the whole how would you rate the fuoco, it sems to be the GS of the scooter world…i bumped into a fella with an piaggio mp3, he said in 6000 mls hes had no end of bother, thank heavens for the 24 month warranty.

atb Paul