Fancy a game of...........

Cluedo? I hear Shiver aint bad;)

It was Plum…in the kitchen…with a shiver of glass…!!!:cool:


shit!!!..i ment sliver…SLIVER OF GLASS!!!:blink:


I heard it was plum in the bedroom with a paper bag:P

Am I missing a funny joke?

Plum needs 2 paper bags just incase 1 rips :smiley:

soon as i see the topic header i thought ‘hmmm Plum’ weird :smiley:

Take it plums a minger then :smiley:

Is this the same plum that Shiver stary eyed about last night ?


Not my thing but I can see why shiver/alot of blokes would smash her back doors in. Warm,pulse, small and weak so easy to pin down etc haha

ohh i would given the chance…:D.but we all know Shiver’s like a lost puppy around her:w00t:…



Hahaha. £20 says he’s had a wet dream over plum.

£30.00 says he looks at her facebook profile every day…:smiley:


£50.37p says when he physically see’s her, he does a small sex wee.

He had a dribble on the go when he mentioned her name last nite at clapham…that and Smiled singing…look at me i’m sandra dee (leaste thats what i think he was singing) Dont know what that was about :Whistling:

i’ll take your £50.37p and raise you £61.40p that barry scribbles ‘Shiver 4 Plum’ on his notebook cover…


We thought it was Pimli Co-pilot and Westie in the library with the candlestick:w00t:


We are just (very) good friends :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Everyone would love a go on the Plum…I’m lots of fun! :wink:

Nice to know I give you all a warm feeling in your trousers! Next time you do take a picture and send it to me :Wow: :smiley:

i am not saying a word;)

the money shot miss plum ? :Whistling: