Fancy a Bimble?

Morning all… Well I’ve finished work for the day and cannot think of a better way to exploit this lovely sunshine than to roll along the Surrey Hills enjoying a Friday Bimble…

If any of you are free, and would like to join up, I will be stopping at Box Hill at about 1.30 and then off out again into the unknown, finally ending up at the ACE Cafe later this evening… about 6pm to meet you LBers.

Hope to see you soon.


I fancy a bimble :frowning:

Can somebody come and sit at my desk for the afternoon pretending to be me?

If only! Lovely weather…but I can’t get free from work :-(. I’ll be at the ace quite late, like 8ish or so if you’re still around.

dam just saw this, well i might just pop out on my own

Its too hot for riding… I just took a 5min stroll down to the bank and I’m sweating like a pig.

Ride faster and get more of a breeze going :smiley:

Lol it’s like 18 degrees… that is in no way shape or form too hot!

At best it’s lukewarm!

I’d rather it be 2 degrees than 18. I can’t take heat.

And you call yourself Portuguese… tut tut.

What has being Portuguese got to do with temperature preference? :unsure: