Imagne this…

Your sat on the sofa, just about to tuck into dinner while catching up on the days events on Sky News when all of a sudden a story makes your ears prick up.

You look at the TV and nearly fall off the sofa when you realise that the face on the screen is yours…

WOOHOO autographs by application, I thank my mummy and my cats yadda yadda

AND!! c’mon spill the beans why is u famous?:hehe:

yes you cant just leave it at that…


Some story about the Government banning Prison Officers the right to strike, looked up and there was some old footage of us on strike in August with my mug smack in the middle of the TV.

Citizen Cane eat your heart out

ah got ya…criminal tendencies brought on by unbelievably crass, ignorant and unrealisticaly politically correct (so we are told) un-caring government policies…

almost as famous as me being in ride magazine this month…:slight_smile:

Ours is not to reason why and all that b****x

or almost as famous as being being on BBC national news at the Ace cafe talking about speed restricions on motorbikes, lol.

Check me out :smiley:


Wow a speaking part too…

All together now in Waynes World style…“we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy…”:stuck_out_tongue:

lol, you can see my agent for signed photos :hehe:

Do you get any royalties.

Ooh Ooh I’ve been in the Ride mag too. A couple of years ago they had a CBR600 mega write up thingy and all CBR600’s were invited up to Santa Pod and I was in the big picture of all of us. My all too brief moment of fame :stuck_out_tongue:

Was that the one with the break down of all the models of CBR600’s from the begining? If so I have that issue lying around somewhere.

yes it is

I’m on telly at least 3/4 times a year… every year since 1990…

someone will have to grill me at a meeting as to what I do… :cool::blush:

Grilled biker, hmmmmmm.

Is that medium rare or well done sir?

well snoody, i don’t recognise you so how come you’re on the box then?

Crimewatch 1st Thursday in the month and ITV -Fashion Police misfits- he’s there!

Im being filmed at my place of work on Wednesday for a Channel 5 programme…not sure if this is a good or bad things yet :hehe:

I wear a big hat at work… thats why… (nothing wrong with hiking gear) great roads in the peak district to get there.