fair play



Sorry Paivi,

I was trying to reply to your response to tonights no show, and hit new topic instead of new reply

I was going to say ‘fair play’ to you for making the effort tonight!

I work outdoors and got soaked today, last thing on my mind was a ride out.

If anyone’s out tomorrow night, Sat 11th, I’ll pop out for a coffee, (if it ain’t raining?)

how do I delete a topic that I created (by accident)

Don’t think you can, especially if there are any replies. I think only the moderators can do it, so you’d need to PM Andrew, Bike2Travel, Foxy or Jay. Don’t expect them to do anything tomorrow, though, as they’re all buggering off to France, where they expect to find good food and cheap beer & wine, as well as 28C!


Didn’t have you pegged as the jealous type. Just because we had snow today (Well I did in Hertfordshire) and I was trying to clean my bike.

Ah, snow, the original white stuff! We only had gorgeous sunshine! Hoping for the same for tomorrow when I have my Refresher course.