Faggoty little gangs

fuucking rant commin ere…so hold on to your seats…

These little bastards who think they are hard, standing around blazae as **** need a check call…they walk like they have sh1t themselves
thinking they’re hard and tuff…pfffftttttt

why the fuuck arnt they in afghan fighting and shooting the taliban…call yourself hard? pussys…utter pussys…
they would **** themselves if they were really shooting people instead of talking and singing about it…

‘yeaa…i slashed this chick the other day blud’…ok faggot…grab the mincy little Balls over there and do some real fighting then…

‘‘naa blud…nat ma war’’…but your british…get the **** out there and support your fellow brit…naa…chk…naaaa…chkkkk…naaaa blud

They fight about a postcode…A POST CODE… place where mr royal mail knows were to send the post…FUUCKING LOL…

these retarded fuucks need to stop living in a fantasy world and get a real taste of what its like when mr enemy is really trying to kill you…

Yes…this is all inspired by Afro’s post as this **** really boils my piss…really boils my piss…

Is it enough to want to give one of those dirty scrotal fuucks a brain hemorrhage?

Is it wrong that i feel like putting up a sign on all the display’s where these fuucks have died saying…‘just another faggot off our streets’

yes i am filled with rage…yes i hate the very existence of this so called youth culture

And yes…if i ever get approached for my phone i will unleash a wrath of hell…and once he’s down coverd in claret…

i will get my c0ck out and piss on his face…then carve the Nazi sign into his forehead…

BTW…if any of you feel that this is a race thing then wind your neck in…most of London’s youth all talk like Cuunts now a days

rant over


Gasmark 10…Don’t bother with a match

Have you ever thought of anger management classes?:w00t::w00t:

Yes I understand your anger!! sickens me to see **** like this:crazy:

I don’t think anger management is necessary and I know you Rob if this happened to your daughter things would get messy.

I hate seeing this too, but seems vigilantism is the only option these days as Police have their hands tied.

I Love you Fro…

As one of my closest mates you know how much this topic effects me…

Fuucking **** ****


Is it wrong that i feel like putting up a sign on all the display’s where these fuucks have died saying…‘just another faggot off our streets’

I’ll hold the signs while you nail them up.

Considering what happened to your missus I think you’re perfectly entitled to as much rage as you like pal… I’d happily jump in with you if you found the kids that did it.

The stuff I used to see go down when I lived on the North Peckham estates was shocking. The kids aren’t at all scared to pile in and attack a weak or easy target.

A group of kids stabbed another kid several times, right outside the window of my mate’s shop in Peckham… At 5pm, broad daylight… shocking


i used to get so wound up hearing their gang talk while commuting on the bus/train before the bike came into my life

i have never been in a fight and also i have never been in the army/navy/other but know many that have and have told me how it is, seen the news, internet videos. yet i still could not imagine how it is to be there. but yes if they want to fight and rage wars they should have a real purpose to not some patch of turf

to add, i have been mugged 4 times in my life by a small gang of youths each time, i used to cross the road when i was younger. now i do not as i cant let them rule my life

i worry for my nieces and friends children’s futures

green borough all the way blud’s.

real talks thou lol there getting cockier and cockier as the years go on even year 7s that are 11 are going around mugging people iv had a little group about half as tall as me come up to me in the past asking for my phone lol

if you are under 25 and get arrested for stabbing someone or shooting someone you should be made to carry out your sentence fighting for our country if i wasn’t so unfit and cant follow instructions i would of joined the army even when i was signing up for college i was going to go into the army recruitment side to be a mechanic in the army to try and help as much as i can

Yes mate feck knows where this will end!

My boy (14 at the time) had a blade held to this throat…

He leant back and upper cut’d the little fecker, dropped him then fecked off! Close call…

Luckily I taught him how to punch from day one, he had a bag and gloves by two years old, progressed to focus mitts and kick bags etc.

I feel your rage!

Just the very reason I’m into martial arts - handy if needed, but a great way to get rid of aggression and stress too. Would recommend to anyone :slight_smile:

What pisses me off is when the parents say that their little angel was taken from them.
If your kid was such an angel, why were they involved with gangs!?

The parent (sadly, I cant make that a plural in most cases) isnt involved in the childs life enough to know what they’re up to and as a result, cant intervene before its too late.