factory pro 04 r1

is it worth fitting factory pro to my r1 ,will it help mid range or is it a wast of time .also the best place to dyno my bike . got race baffles K&n decat and power comander and smogg off plates.spoke to some one at road and track and seamed to think it is awaist of time .Any body think diffrent

Had some on my 04 R1.

Felt a difference when the bike was tuned and the dyno chart looked pretty healthy, but the main difference was the intake noise was increased.

Sounded beauiful :smiley:

Also, had Carbon Leo Vince cans on.

Got my bike dyno’d at Southern Cross Motorcycles in Kilburn.

They did a great job. The boss used to race and tune his own bikes there so they know what they’re doing.

They’re at 2 Maygrove Road, Kilburn.

Nice one think ill go for it ,thanks for help afro :smiley: