F*****G disgusting!!


That is horrible. Really nasty. He should have been locked up for years not months,

A damn side more than six months for sure. A good hard lashing as well would pay dividends.

Which he’ll hopefully get during his 6month stint :smiley:


i just wanna kill him !! why cant we have these people for 15 mins in a room alone ??? then they can give em what prison sentence they want…

Worse still he will probably be out in 3 months…

With a bit of luck he will receive some ‘underground justice’ inside :angry:

hopefully. but people don’t change do they?

problem is…nothing changes! doesnt seem to matter how bad the crime is all they do is slap em on the wrist. a bullet is so much cheaper.

What makes somebody do that ? He needs to be sectioned and receive treatment, he’s not running on all 4 cylinders.

Wow, if I was the dad and had hard proof of what he’d done I don’t think I would of let him out of the house alive. The patio would of been resurfaced.

perhaps he got a lighter sentence because he expressed remorse. arse.