F A O: Mowers

Details to be posted tonight but just a heads up for a very small grass-cutting party in July. More to follow …

In between contracts at moment :slight_smile:

Towards the end of the month?

Yeah make it for nearer the end of the month :grinning:

Could be interested.

We will contact you in turn as accommodation is limited.

Brains, ring us or text yer number.

nothing like freshly cut grass

For the mowers who need to check dates/get passes etc the dates are - riding up Friday 17 July (time to be arranged depending if people are working that day) - arrive Friday night, riding Sat and Sun 18/9 July. 2 single bedrooms and one sofa available for Friday and Saturday night.

Sunday night the two singles are potentially occupied by 2 LBs coming via Newcastle, not sure how long they’re staying. Sofa available.

We leave on Weds 22nd. Not necessarily the end - folks can stay on if they wish.

I’ve maxed out on my Saturdays off through to April 2016 :frowning:

Should be good to ride up Sunday. By which time you’ll probably have the grass cut although I could stay on until Wednesday to watch it grow :wink:

Is there camping available?

I’ll keep following the thread and might come and meet you Southerners at some point

We have another suggestion for you B - we’ll be in West Hallam for breakfast on Sun 26th with all day to play (but we have to end up at home that night)

That might be good too Jets;-)

Brian I can lead an expedition North early doors some weekend to your neck of the woods if you fancy leading a ride.