Extended guarantee

My bike’s warranty expires in February 2015 and saw that you can get extended guarantee from Honda.

12 months - 267£
24 months - 427£

Covers “All Mechanical and Electrical parts.* (excludes frame, panels, consumables and accidental/malicious damage)”
There is full T’s & C’s some where.


But i don’t know if it’s actually worth it. Any thoughts?

Extended guarantees - not worth the amount of time you spent posting the question IMO

If I was a gambling man I’d wager a major part of your original purchase decision was based on the quality and reputation of the manufacturer. So what is it that the extended guarantee covers that you don’t expect to last 10+ years, let alone a year or two beyond the manufacturers warranty? Its an enigma, on the one hand there’s this perception that these machines are bullet proof and will virtually keep running forever, on the other hand there’s the scare monger tactics of profit boosting extended guarantees.

Look at the manufacturers warranty as a feature not a benefit.

What are you riding? I have a 600RR and was offered the extended warranty after 2 years but I didn’t bother. In that period nothing went wrong that would have required a warranty claim. I thought the bike was a fairly safe bet as it was a Honda.

On my old bike which was a CB500 things wore out but nothing really went wrong either. They are really well made machines. Unless you fit a non stock exhaust, don’t have the carbs balanced so it burns all off it’s oil and you unwittingly blow up the engine but that was more user error than anything else.

Yeah this was my initial thought. Usually things go start to ware after more then 4 years. Unless you have a Mazda 2! (my old car).

I have a CBR600RR model 2012 but first reg. feb 2013. Nothings gone wrong yet :slight_smile:

£300 for 1 extended year for panigale. I bought it, I have had around £1400 of parts only on 2 years warranty, not sure how much in mechanic time. never bought extended warranty on any of my pervious Japanese bikes…

Good think you had warranty then.

What when’t wrong on your bike, if you don’t mind me asking?

I thought Ducati improved their build quality and reliability on the new models - guess not.

The Honda extended guarantee also gives you HondaCare Roadside Assistance (run by AA) which includes:
Homestart - recover you from homeRoadside Assistance - recover you anywhere in the UKRecovery Assistance - transport you home or get you a car/bike/train-ticket to get you home or put you up in a hotel -> free of chargeHonda Message Service - they’ll contact work/home to tell them where you are and that your safe
Makes the £267 good value for money when you think about it.
It applies to all UK spec bikes less than 7 years old with less than 60,000 miles - doesn’t have to be a Honda. The guarantee moves with the bike should you decide to sell it so that gives the new owner peace of mind = makes your bike more valuable when selling. Cover is in place regardless of who is riding the bike.