Exploding rice pudding

If your going to nuke a frozen rice pudding, read the instructions.

Regard the words “Do not cook from frozen.” They are serious about that.


As a result of not following the instructions, my son has just voluntarily cleaned the microwave.

I never thought I’d live long enough to see that.

In every cloud etc. :smiley:

sounds like a brainiac experiment

new MrShine product! :smiley:

he gets umpteen things clean, :cool:

LOL sounds like fun.

You can also make caramel from tins of condensed mild. Just place in boiling water for … erm cant remember now … anyway, just dont let the water boil away because youll spend the rest of the week cleaning gooey caramel from every surface in the kitchen :smiley:

Ill find out how long if anyones interested