Explicit thread - NWS

Bottom, flange, gussett!


Didn’t get it?? Another banned pics? Send to me please, send to me! Sent to me!..

PMSL - you muppet!

er… British humour again eh? … give me a discount Im an outsider…lol I niss the IE little faces… need the ashamed one right now…

“give me a discount Im a outsider”

Classic! LMAO!

I should try that line the next time I’m buying a bike… Give me a discount, I’m an outsider… hehe… Nice one Cezar


Are you a pervert or something?


ummmm, flanges… goes off and dribbles in the corner.

hahahaha Pete YOU need to wash your mouth with soap and water.

Cezar, stop it man you’re slaying me. I’ve put a sticky on for the emoticons under the Site Issues section.