Expensive OOOOOPS

In my defence the side stand on my veloce pitches the bike about 5 degrees from upright so it is always harder to park than anything else I’ve owned. Also, it stayed parked and upright for about 3 minutes. I turned my back and it went. These pictures are the expensive aftermath :crying::







That’s not good.

Oh dear, that’s not good. A requirement of any bike I own is that it must be able to fall over without damage! Tested the new bike in Italy properly on this point!

Ouch. If I did that to my bike when I picked it up again it’d probably be cleaner than when it fell over.

Ouch… Do you have crash bungs?

All the best with the fix.

Sorry about the drop, hope it’s not too expensive to fix.

Thanks for the votes of sympathy - damn that gravity stuff!

Yes, I have ridiculously expensive crash-bungs (there is no other sort for a Morini) on both wheels centres and a big one in the centre of the bike, without them this damage would have been just terrible.

I’ve also discovered just how heavy this 1200cc bike is when trying to lift it on my own. Only just managed it and there was a moment when it was at around 20 degrees and I thought I was going to have to drop her again!!

oh dude I’m sorry to see this. been there done that so I feel your pain…

Blimey! And I don’t suppose spares are too easy to come by :blink:

Oooch thats gonna smart the wallet!!

my condolences.
After I got engine bars on mine, it made it so much easier to pick up cos they’re a curved profile

Ouch, I find the best way to pick up a heavy bike is to drop it in front of a load of people. I have never found so much strength before…:slight_smile:

Bugger. That is not good, is a centre stand an option?