Expanding foam Help.

Can anyone tell me how to remove dried expanding foam from my hands and arms.
Iv tried nail varnish remover, white spirit and fairy liquid with sugar. Hot shower and a good scrub.
Nothing seems to remove it.

Any ideas.

wd40 or lighter fuel?

We have some experience of guerilla action with this stuff.  

Unless you have a 5" block of this stuck to yer hand (in which case cut it off - the EF, not the hand you understand) the best course of action is to just keep washing normally and pick bits off.  It will come off naturally after a couple of days.   Probably less harmful than attacking your skin with several chemicals.  

Try olive or vegetable oil …
Failing that carb/brake cleaner

Petrol and a lighter

(I hold no responsibility if anyone is stupid enough to actually listen to me)

coconut oil, it will literally get anything off and is good for your skin too. also amazing for chewing gum


:joy: ha ha ha, yeah just in case he doesn’t understand, ha ha.

Been picking bits of. Alot to go yet. Im going to try some sort of oil. And keep picking.
Thanks all for suggestions.

Cellulose thinner I believe gets its off if it’s wet; but that’s nasty stuff (is nail varnish remover the same stuff?) anyway its probably a waiting game now; I now get the packs of 100s rubber gloves from screwfix and I tend to ware those for any dirty tasks to avoid this kind of thing

Cbr 500Nav, itll all fall off by 2.1.16 or you dont wash enough.

 Don`t  pick it too hard or yer skin will fall off.

I did that an I`m now bald.

Bio-oil works well and olive oil too, next time have adhesive removing wipes close to you.
I use foam canisters in a gun so use the cleaner spray after on gun and anywhere it drips.

MAD-DOG, how do you remove it from round the door and down the exhaust pipe of a rogue excavator?

I imagine  adhesive removing wipes would not suffice?

Gorilla wipes are good. I find if you don’t have the right stuff to remove it then best let it dry and remove the next day once solid, smearing it when its wet is the worse thing to do.

You could try a belt sander
It all bepends how much you have on you hands
If its not the fire proof one a wire foam cutter would work all have some negatives ie you could loose your fingers
But better than all the above some gloves before you started
Give it a couple of day it will wear off

Good man Pin, still no response on how to clear half a tube out of a JCB`s exhaust?

If it won’t move I alway say try napalm with a touch of agent Orange

Next time protective gloves also I cling film the cuff area for added protection

..also I cling film the cuff area for added protection National Treasure
Smart guy.

Is the cling film ribbed for whoever is receivings pleasure ?