Hi - when my hornet is warming up on choke at 2k rpm I usually get a lot of white ‘smoke’.Once the bike has warmed up no smoke at all.

Is this normal - e.g. I think the bike is running a bit rich - would that account for the smoke, or is it just condensation.

E.g. if it was a head gasket issue I would get smoke the whole time (and it would be grey/black smoke) even after the bike had warmed up right?

Thanks for any advice. :wink:

its just steam :rolleyes: :slight_smile:

What milage has it done? could be rings or valve stem seals

46k - it’s had it’s valve clearances checked twice and was within tolerance each time.

Hope so! :smiley:

Pardon my ignorance but isn’t it just from the rich mixture that you create with the choke on?:doze:

As said earlier if it’s white & stops when the engine’s warmed up then it’s just condensation burning off.

Valve clearance doesn’t have anything to do with the seals as they seal around the stem & are therefore not in the line twixt the cam & cylinder head. likewise worn piston rings are not dependent on valve clearances, you can do a compression test to check their state.

I too would have said condensation. Depends on many variables in climate, bike running temp, length of times running etc.

Shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Just be sure to warm the bike fully and not rag it too soon after starting. :slight_smile:

Its steam, I usually wait until its stopped and take that as a sign the bikes warmed up enough and off.

problably just vapour not smoke.

Thanks everyone - much obliged :slight_smile:

I was hoping the balance of opinion would come down on the side of condensation - which it has - so I’ll stop worrying!

Cheers. :wink:

You know what…Ive been thinking…I might not be condensation…but a ticking time bomb :hehe:

OOooooOOOO you wont know till it blows :D:D:D

:w00t: you’ve shattered my piece of mind again godamnit! :P;)

haha lewis ur so cruel :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s normal buddy

Thanks R1Chris - it’s coming up for 50k miles and I’m starting to get paranoid! :smiley:

I’ll add my voice to the ‘it’s normal, just water vapour’ group
If it was oil burning, it wouldn’t be white and dissipate easily
My car chugs out vapour even after a good 20 minute drive - it’s a known thing with them :slight_smile:

for a hornet, thats barely run in!! :wink:

oh and its normal.

Yeah I was reading about a guy who had got up to a 100k on his and it was still going strong - which is why I’m planning an overhaul over the summer -I want to take it to pieces (apart from the engine) so I can remove all the rust, repaint it, renew the bearings suspension etc - then hopefully I can get another 50k out of it!

I have the same thing happening with my ER6n but only when it’s really cold. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about :slight_smile: