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Exhaust Preferences

Are there pros, cons or stay the hell away from, when its comes to slip on exhaust, or is it a matter of just put the one on you like providing the noise level is “acceptable”.

Brands I am aware of are Akrapovic, SC Project, Scorpion and Arrow.

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Leo Vince is another brand to look at.
Some brands work better on certain bikes. Always worth seeing what others have fitted to the same bike.

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Racefit: awesome. Then sold 6 months later because it’s too loud.

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Mivv are really good.

Racefit are load as hell. Akro seems to be the brand to go, with BMW, Honda, and KTM all supplying as official options. Triumph have teamed up with Arrow.

KTM do or did have specific maps for their bikes. Certainly I know that my 990SMT was remapped with the cans were fitted. I doubt BMW & Honda do because KTM has always allowed modifications.

Motad were also good but went bankrupt a few years ago, solid build and loads available second hand if your not fussy.

I’ll add that generally carbon fibre cans and litre V-twins don’t tend to mix well.

Wings are good if you’ve got one of the bikes they make them for

I like fuel, nice sounds without being too loud.
Cheeper then most too

Its for the S1000RR as the stock ones look a bit crap in the old and new model bikes.

Going through the list here, it seems only Akrapovic mentions their DB level, all others don’t which makes me a bit reluctant to go with them. I really like SC Project but again no mention of the db. It has to be 100 to 103 so I can still go to the track. Also I haven’t found a UK distributor for them.

@me_groovy I found mentioned on another forum that racefit are in the region of 115db without baffles
:rofl: that’s silly loud.

As we’re in a similar line of thinking for our new bikes I’m wondering what you’ll pick.

Totally agree that the stock one isn’t pretty.

Love the GP style ones, but will feel like a knob if i get one that’s too loud.

Want it to look good and give a more gurgley like sound without taking the piss with loudness.

Not to indicative of sound but found this. Gives a little idea what they look like if you decide to go new.

Black Widow - British made!

Beowulf are too, Pipewerx, Fuel. There seems to be loads of small UK makers, A16, Simpsons, JP, MIJ, never heard of them though. Quite surprising cottage industry still

I’ve had Beowulf, Fuel, Vince and Hines, GPR, this bike has fake SC Project. Can’t recommend fakes lol

Racefit are British too :slight_smile:

SP Engineering, Delkevic are two I’ve had both UK based. ART and Scorpion, MOTAD and NEFF. Currently have Delkevic on the mighty K1200R. Loving it.

Sorry what did you say? I can’t hear you!

Motad went titsup several years ago, and got bought out. They now operate a eBay shop:

With a shit name but impeccable record £270 for the complete system, which is road legal.

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Black Widow