Exhaust Hose - Where from?

After some blue or yellow hose to wrap around the exhaust on the Berg,

Just wondered where I should get it from and if there is a partcular type I should be aiming for…


i had a spare c o c k ring at home & used that m8:Dthe stuff i got is high presure hose or you can get a r&g 1

i’ve been told burton power do high presure hose for ford cosworths in any colour & can sort out short lenghts, there near gants hill b4 the big jd sports;)

Cheers D!!

Thought that was your bike in the pic!

BTW I may need to borrow your stand for a trackday (Rockingham) I’ve got in a couple weeks if thats cool with you - I’ll call ya!

that is my 660smc m8 but b4 i got it:) its was in the brackens cupyou can use my bright of ktm stand 2 put ya yellow hussy on:D call me when ya want it