Exhaust Header Paint?

I’m currently rebuilding my DRZ-400, it’s in a million pieces and I plan on making it as good as new again. The exhaust header was covered in corrosion, so I got the Dremel out and started sanding it all off. Most of it is off now, and I’ve given it a wash and noticed that it now looks ugly.

My question is; is there a special high-temperature paint I should use to re-finish it?


yes. halfords stock them but cant remember thier names. harry and walter I think.

Puppy is right go wild and paint the headers a weird colour. Go resevoir dogs on them.

Er, thanks guys. I was thinking about either graphite, black or polishing them, personally.

Boring, thats like having a purple bike and re-painting it midnight metallic blue, hang on, thats what I am doing scrub that.

Get them ceramic coated - try Camcoat

this might help.


Superb, thanks Sutcir! £30 looks good enough to me! I’ll need to finish off the sanding/polishing job properly before sending it off.

They do a cleaning service as well, but charge extra, the satin black seems to last well, although I might try the Cermakrome (chrome look) at some time.

Internal coating also helps with gas flow ( couple of extra HP).