Exhaust Hanger for ZX6R

Anyone know of any different version from standard for a ZX6R exhaust hanger? Dont need the pillion pegs on my PoS (official name now :slight_smile: ) and the standard hanger seems OTT for my requirements.

Failing that, anyone able to cut an ally one up for me?

E,Check on E-bay, and MCNNinjas forum.

Tell them what model it is - makes a difference!

I have a hanger for a zx9r in carbon fibre, but don’t think it fit yours

Oh, and try Harris website - they do nice alloy ones for about £25

I’ve just bought a Harris hanger for my track bike from eBay, only £10. The current hanger is the old pilion footpeg with some bits removed with an angle grinder . . . worked fine but looked a bit naff. Having just cleaned it I thought a tenner for a good hanger was acceptable :slight_smile:

Total spend so far is £10 for the hanger, £10 for some fiberglass resin and cloth and £6 for a tin of paint. Still need to replace the clutch lever and clamp as it’s some nasty gold thing but that can’t cost more than £20 from eBay.

Cheers guys, yeah the Harris ones on Demontweaks are about 40 quid, and ebay seems a little quite for those at the moment… :frowning:

Eric, I will get the measurements for my exhaust hanger, might be interested in that CF one.

Cheaper http://https://www.harris-performance.com/website/frameset2.htm

from source!

But E-bay will be cheaper

Hehe cheaper cos they show their prices ex vat, same as demontweaks with VAT… :slight_smile:

Pm sent.

I am after one two - If anyone has any more info, please let me know!