excessive ebike renewal

I got a nice email from ebikeinsurance to start the week, quoting me £1525 for what cost £1098 last year - 39% up. Does this seem excessive to anyone?

I’ve previously been very happy with ebike - you can run everything from the website - I even entered the fact I did a Bikesafe once, and they sent back £85!

But this has pissed me off a bit. Anyone else getting big hikes at the minute, either with ebike or not?

(1) I’ve queried it with them, but in case they don’t budge I’m going to have to start looking around - can anyone recommend another insurer?

(2) Also just to guage things, did my previous premium of 1098 seem reasonable to everyone, given its a 2 y.o. 1000cc sports bike, 5-6 years NCD??

Cheers, Dave

thats excessive beyond sense…has anything changed, like address or points on licence etc…

I have my bandit and R1 on Motorcycle Direct…cost only 450 for the two bikes…but thats with 2 year NCB on the R1 and three on the bandit

Footman james are worth a try too as they will give you good insurance at a good price…

Read the small print though its worth paying the right price for the right insurance…

Thanks - nothing’s changed, except another year of accident free riding!

Forgot to mention - its fully comp.

Are you in London BTW? My postcode is SW2 - streatham hill.

Try a few others and see if they have all gone up.

There was talk of all insurance premiums going up because of the floods and insurance companies needing to make up that money but I dont suppose it would be that much.

What bike value do you have on your quote?

When my renewal came through from ebike mine went from £250 to £480 so I told them to stuf it… they seem to hike it up on the renewal but if you are a new customer it is well cheap…

I’ve got the original £8500 (I actually got it for £7K :slight_smile: ) - I suppose I should revise that down to £5K or something, but I still don’t think that’ll get me into sensible territory.

mine went down from 880 to 580 after the first year, but I’ve got TPFT only

Not sure how it works with bikes but car insurance should be changed every year. I had the same problem with Halifax insurance (who own esure) they upped my premium £400 for no reason. So every year, I phone around and get a better quote. It’s the best way to do it. I had a huge row with Halifax because I have my bank accounts, credit cards etc with them and I said it was a poor expression of customer service to someone who has been a good customer.

If any of you are civil servants, then try the Civil Service Insurance Company. They are a charity and don’t charge you interest for monthly payments and cheaper. They insure bikes via Carole Nash.

Shop around. You aren’t rewarded for being a long term customer anymore… you have to be new to get the best deals.

yes thats fully comp but I am in Alton…as it says on my posts…so I guess this helps but a near £500 hike is ludicrous thats almost a 50% increase…try some others…

I use Devitt’s and, so long as you MAKE them requote the whole raft of insurers every year (not just go to the same insurer as last year) then they seem to be very competitive. Many people I know have swapped to them. They are not always the cheapest but their policies seem not to be too played around with. (Some nip bits out of the policies in order to get the price down and are under no obligation to tell you what’s missing, just what you’re getting).
An example: An East Sussex post code on an 06 Fireblade with 3 years NCD and £350 excess cost just £498. Can a London post code really make the difference you are seeing???:crazy:

Can a London postcode be treble what you’re paying? I just can’t see why. Anyway I used to use Devitts and moved to ebike when they happened to be cheaper. I’m phoning around, and Devitts are on the list. So far I’ve had £1800 from Motorcycle Direct (although they had to quote me on the RSV Factory, not the R that I have), and £1160 from Bennetts, so unless ebike budge it looks like I’ll be moving on.

OMG I was paying that much insurance on a metro van when I was 18… how come your bike insurance is so high? Mine was £240 fully comp with roadside cover with carole nash 600cc bandit… sheesh* over a grand! Sorry, I’m in shock.

Phew! (sort of) I managed to get something for £718 - H&R Insurance. Beats my old ebike premium. I only hope no-one comes back with a horror story now… I found H&R by going here http://www.thebikeinsurer.co.uk/ - one of those sites that takes all your details and serves up all the quotes.

Cheers, Dave

try biketeam.co.uk I have an SV1000s not sure how many no claims, am 27 and my insurance renewal was £220.

Bike is garaged and out of london though.