Every Wednesday Night: Cubana Meet

Good to hear Barro/Lady P. I was worried there, it’s not what we’re about! Nunny, see you there… Floppy ears indeed… NO ENTRY for floppy-eared riders

I bet it was Andrew…he laughs at all ladies called P who have a distinctive bike… Or maybe he just laughs at me?

Could I just remind everyone that I will be around on Wed night (not too late, though, as must pack) to collect any donations for Ali’s memorial.

No decisions have been made as yet as to what kind of memorial to have, as the family will have to be involved, but as soon as we have anything more concrete, I’ll report back.

Many thanks to everybody who has already generously donated!

Will try and make it tomorrow, hopefully see you lot there then !!

Nice one Paivi, I thought you weren’t coming to this one. I will give you cash tomorrow. See you there Gixxerboy!

Charming! I get busy for a day or two, come back and find my name being taken in vain !!!

And the gaffer agreeing!!

What’s the world coming to?

Hopefully all ruffled feathers can be sorted tonight and I think it may be a 675 night

And I don’t remember laughing at someone for wobbling into the car park. I do remember seeing a pink XT(?) parked up, but then again I am knocking on a bit and the old memory’s not what it used to be.

Besides, I’m not let out often and crowds make me apprehensive. So who knows?

Ahahaaha Charly, so I can imagine.

But life’s a blur for you no? Either going so fast or drunk. Way to go mate

Lady P, sorry to hear, that you have not been made welcome, if you trawl through the threads you will see most of us are big enough to say sorry when we are wrong and to admit to mistakes, including dropping our bikes.

Hamster and I were there on wendnesday night and it is hard to get around to every one and introduce your selves (unless your Barro, but then he ain’t shy). But, we were introduced by Paivi to a few people and in turn they introduced Hamster and I to a few people and so on.

I didn’t get to meet you and it would be a shame for us all if you allow this one incident to marr future attendances. There are too few lady bikers and too few girls interested in biking, don’t stay away because some one laughed at you, I am certian no malice was intended.

Paivi - grab me tonight I’ve got some cash for you - the only thing is… I don’t know what you look like - you can’t miss me I’m the fat f******* in the blue jacket - normally one of the first around as I head over straight from work and I ride a silver CBF600s if you really want to put a face to a name… look here


be prepared!


I wont be able to make it this Wednesday due to other commitments but hopefully I will be there in the future… With regards to me dropping my bike I didnt and at no point was it actually going to be dropped. This is what my gripe was. I will say it wasnt on this forum the comments were made and I have been made welcome here for that I am grateful, I am old enough to have banter taken especially when I ride a pink XTR. But the comments that were made were not banter they were malice. I have not judged this forum by the comments of that moderator who obviously for his own reasons cant come out and say what he thinks but hides behind his pc… Hopefully will see you all next Wednesday and lets continue to do what we do best, laugh and talk about the one thing that has pulled us all together…Bikes.

Lady P - please don’t go :slight_smile: It’s great to have so many people at the meet :slight_smile: I drive home from there up the A1 to St Albans and would be happy to drive down / up with you if you want some company.


That would be fab, there is also bikerchick2 who would like to have a run and not turn up on her own, so maybe meet somewhere next week.

Yet again, the road bike is not repaired and so I shall not be making it. Hopefully it shall be in a reasonable state of repair after this weekend as i don’t have a smashed up race bike to work on!

Enjoy yourselves folks and hopefully I shall be there next week on my grazed up semi repaired baby.

Sounds great… PM me with details.


I’m the one with a big silver Vespa scooter. Short girl in red/black textiles (and a fluorescent yellow BikeSafe vest). Most people know me so just ask around. Can’t see your picture, as the firewall at work blocks it; you must be seriously ugly…

I’m hoping I can get the scooter started tonight, in which case I’ll be there around 8pm. If not, I’ll be taking a taxi…

LadyP: are you sure the person making the comments was one of our moderators, as I know them all and they’re all lovely, and would not be making any malicious comments, or even comments that might be misconstrued. Hang around, we’re a nice bunch of peeps and we need more girls.

Have got to meet your pink XTR Lady P catch you all hopefully next week… BC2

Great - I’m sure I’ll spot you then - yeap I’m seriously ugly.




[joey]How you doin’? [/joey]

See you all there. Looking forward to it!!!