Every Wednesday Night: Cubana Meet

For those that don’t know, LB has negotiated with the Cubana Bar in Waterloo to have a meet there every Wednesday evening! It’s a great location with a good buzz to it, easily findable and the bar has a good sized car park with lots of spill-over room around it for the summer when things really hot up. The bar also makes brilliant ****tails and non-alcoholic ones to go with their brilliant Cuban food.

The first night we all met there was to sign Ali/Full Throttles condolence book, with a good number of people showing up and having a good time. We hope you’ll join us each week, it gives us something to do in the evenings and a chance to meet up and exchange stories or plan future rides, or even simply to watch Charly get drunk and climb into people’s top-boxes!

All are welcome, regardless of whether or not you’re a member. The details are:

Cubana Bar
48 Lower Marsh
London SE1 7RG
020 7928 8778



Because this is a residential area (where isn’t in London?), we and the bar owners ask you to keep the noise to respectable levels, i.e. no bouncing the bikes off the rev-limiter or burnouts. That doesn’t mean no fun, it just means being respectful of the area/meet. Other meets have been shut down before because of the actions of a few spoiling it for the majority, we wouldn’t want that to happen here.

First Night (05.04.06)


Hope to see you all there again this Wednesday!

im coming this wednesday gutted i missed the 1st so it will be good to meet a few more members.

See ya wednesday

Unfortunatly I wont be attending any more Londonbikers meets, I went on Wednesday and met some new people who welcomed me and made me feel part of it… Unfortunatly I have heard that one of the moderators on this forum took it upon himself to humiliate me on his forum, by stating I cant handle my bike and I nearly dropped it going into the car park… Then because of this the whole car park was lauging at me…Also another forum member here asked if I would like my bike moving and I said yes becuase of this we both have been slated by your moderator… No one likes to be new and no one likes to think that behind your back you are being laughed at… I travelled from Peterborough to be there on Wednesday to pay my respects to Ali even though I didnt know him and to be part of a new biking community… But thanks to certain moderators on this forum, all I seem to have done is wasted my time and been made a lauging stock of…

Umm, really? Doesn’t sound like any of the mods here…

Hello Lady P. I don’t know who said this, I wasn’t aware of it, but I’d just like to say that attitude by no means reflects what anyone else here thinks, we’re not ones to judge riders like that, especially new ones to our community. We’re by far and away a friendly bunch and openly welcome all riders to the site, I’m shocked to hear this to be honest! I hope you’ll accept my apology on this matter, I’ll look into what was said. If you could PM me the details I’d be grateful.

Sorry to hear about that Lady P, but it was to be expected as you have the ability to buy a bike that you like, and amazingly its not a GSXR! Not my first choice in colour though but at least it was something different. I’m not new to the forum and have known most of the people on it for years, and yes every time I turn up I know ill get stick…but hey I dont care ( I own the tractor!)

Peterborough!!! Careful now most people on LB struggled to get from one side of London to the other! Youll just scare them! ( where have I seen Lady P before?? Visordown perhaps?)

Morning Lady P,

I attended Wednesday and was there almost all night after attending the service, I can honestly say that since joining LB I have made sure I have more or less spoken to all members attending any LB meets to “sus” whats what and who,s who.

I havent heard anything resembling a whisper of any LB,S rounding on anyone in a malicious way especially on the Cubana Night.

(Consider the reason we were all together that day).

Lady, There is a lot of banter, a lot of laughing and joking, I have been the brunt of many a joke from all sorts of angles, my bike, my riding, leathers, something I have said oh and (grey hair) PS.+= DID YOU KNOW FLATOUTS A CLOSSET TRANNY ??)…but it was all tongue in cheek and I laugh along as I have a pretty good idea that the people that have took the piss and had a laugh have within the next 5 mins been the topic of the laughter.

Please dont judge a few harmless comments as malicious gossip as its just not like that here. I personally have not seen the post that has upset you but I will bet my bike on it that it was light hearted banter.

Hang around a while longer. PM the Thread poster and Im 100% sure this is nothing more than a miss-understanding.

Top Effort coming all that way and I hope to see you again…real soon.

got to say I’m surprised at this… I know there is a lot of banter on her but it does normally stay on the board.

The Mrs while a pillion enjoys meeting up with the guys here and always wishes for more women to be there so she can talk more ( no not about hair and make up but about getting into biking etc etc , as she finds women have a more honest approach to how the whole process works rather than jus blokes ) …

Now I know that PB is a long way away ( used o live there for my sins ) , but it’s also a great run down the A1 or A14 if you ever need an excuse for a ride out. Hope to see you there, and yes me and the Mrs will try and make this Wednesday…

See you there guys ( and girls )

Hi lady p

I went down last Wednesday too’ i am also new to london bikers i traveled down from hertfordshire on my black zx10r just to show my face and pay my respects for ali really. I noticed your bike straight away as i parkrd on the pavement oppisite i thought it looked good certinly differnt and unique anyway’ i didnt know anyone at the meet apart from a work freind who i met up with on route to waterloo, i must say i think there was only bike2travel and foxy who introduced thereselves to us. but to be honest there was a lot going on and i didnt exactly try that hard to mingle as i thought most people were there to pay there respects and its not a nice time for any of us when we loose a biker especialy one so young’ i certinaly wasnt awre of any gossip behind your back. Or you or anyone else being laughed at… I will be there this wednsday and will make more of an effort to meet people hope to see you there .

I wouldnt worry to much’ as gossip usally just stems from jealousy anyway and as far as not beeing able to handle your bike and nearly dropping it going into the car park… big deal’ who can handle there bike ? If the same people that were so quick to judge were as good as they belive they were on a bike ’ they would be making a living from riding bikes and not just day dreaming about them at bike meets like the rest of uss. I have been rideing bikes for years but still make stupid mistakes’ you just pick em up and get straight back on girl .


Missed 1st meet…but will come this week…i am doing late shift so what time will the meet finish…

lady p dont worry they r not a bad bunch…all credit to you for comming from peterbrough I happen to just go there yesterday and its not near to london for sure

I know what you’re thinking M’Lady but I asure you I nor Gixxer Steve heard any such gossip and we would have been the first!!! Please don’t let this interfere with what is essentially a great event.

If that don’t work I’ll come up to sodding PB and drag you down myself. ALRIGHT!!!

PS I dropped the Ard1 outside Halfords on Saturday in front of everyone. Mine beats yours Sweetheart!!!

Lady P… Sorry to hear you feel like this… I personally didn’t hear anything being said about anyone… We all had a really great night and it was so brilliant for us (LB) to see so many new faces out and about, let alone travel so far to join us!!! See you on Wednesday???

Someone has kindly filled me in as to what this is all generated from and

The upsetting post was “Not” on Londonbikers.com, it was posted on someones site that attended and “Lady P” will be at The Cubana when personal commitments allow.

Good stuff “P” and see ya soon.

Hi Lady P… I am brand new to LBs, so new I haven’t met ANYBODY yet… Am looking forward to making one of the Cubana meets soon tho…

I could pootle out to meet you en route from PB if you like and ride in together I’m not sure about showing up on me own so big up to you for doing just that…BC2

The More The Merrier BC2. Seeya Soon.

Hi guys,
I have a question from a newby…
Do we need to turn up on a bike? its just that I have just bought a splendid new set of floppy pink rabbits ears for my arai and I really did not want to get them wet if it rains as they look rather nice all clean and fluffy… also my girlfriend doesnt like it when I stay out late with people I have never met before.

many thanks in advance

Nah only joking :o) … looking forward to meeting a few of you… look out for a slightly tatty black and orange fireblade see you there lads and lasses ;O)

Sorry forgot to add…
I am also new today and have not met anyone but received a warm welcome in the newby forum. So Hi to Lady P and Barro hope to meet you soon.


Oh you will…and a Credit Card is needed for a Newbie…Traditional !!..