Ever had one of those days where "everything" has gone wrong???.....................

Cannot believe my luck today , you couldnt bloody write it if you tried…

Its all started when I woke up this morning and left for work only to find that my friends car I am using(to keep the battery charged) was dead as a dodo. My car is in pieces so had to struggle to start this pig machine…eventually did…arrived at work 30 minutes late.

I then was asked to bleed a radiator in the office…done, checked the boiler… lost pressure, topped it up…boiler over pressure, used release valve, release valve stuck water pissing out the pipe…valve prob needs changing now…meh.

I then go outside for a cig and noticed that someone in a blue vehicle has clumped the bumper of my pals car…cracked, busted broken…to be honest i dont know if this was done outside my work or outside home(didnt notice it this morning) :confused:

Am now considering wrapping myself in bubble wrap and hiding in a padded room for the rest of the day before any other catastrophe should befall me.

Anything happened to you today?

*strokes his wrist,…with a razor lol


Came out my house today and left for work (late) and went to lean my bike on the sidestand, but the stand just collapsed and the bike fell on its side. I was so angry I just stood there staring at it for a while, before I eventually decided to lean down and heft it up off the ground…

Then on the A4 heading to work I filter past a car on D plates, settle in front and the car starts coming up close behind me like a tosser and nudges into my rear wheel! I turn to give the ****** diplomat a dirty look and then speed off between the traffic away from that dangerous nutter.

Then at a junction in Chiswick a lorry was being reversed out of a side road and into a junction… all the traffic had stopped to allow this when the massive aggregates truck behind me decided to start moving forward for no reason! I had to zip forth out of his way.

So I got to work late and didn’t have the right tools for the job I was doing and it was far more complicated than I thought it would be. Was super rushed as sessions were starting in the room I was working on within the hour and their aircon was busted so I was there crawling around in my bike gear absolutely sweating my balls off.

Just one of those days eh…

Im constipated and cant poo. beat that for a **** day… :crying:

I post here under my real name but the past few days have felt like that…is all I’m going to say!

Anyone up for a career change?!

Did you hear the one about the constipated mathematician?

He used to work his logs out with a pencil! :smiley:

make sure you put signs up when you need to go Jaime. thats going to be epic :laugh:

Happens to me at least 3 times a week…especially at work…No wonder why all mechanics are a bit mad in the head… :w00t:

i had a danger wank and came a cropper :w00t: