Eventful day at the Ace today!

Went for a bit of a blast with the missus today round harefield, windsor and so forth. Then the weather started to get better so thought we’d go to the Ace and have a cuppa. Anyways going up the A40 catch up to three bikers (bike safe ride) so dont want to go flying past as one of them was a copper, so stay just ahead of them all the way to the Ace. Parked up, got a drink, had a quick nosey at the other bikes and went back to sit with my bike.

Was chatting to one of the officers when this scooter comes down the road in front of the ace (filtering) goes to go straight over the roundabout (nothing to give way to on the right) and goes straight into the side of a car thats pulled out (didn’t see him - so thought it was a clear roundabout) NO-ONE GOES TO HELP HIM - so me and christine go jogging over to help him and get his bike of the road, ok bit shaken up and two officers see everything, BIT OF A BONUS FOR BOTH PARTIES! BUT NOT ONE OTHER BIKER WENT TO HELP HIM - I ASK YOU - WE ALL HAD TO START SOMEWHERE!

Bout half hour later (before the bike-safe officers have gone) a couple of the AWOL lot come down the road - one is wheelying - one was doing a rolling burnout (obviously just got there did’t see the police) the burnout guy comes in stops the bike - ok… The Wheelie guy carries on down the road after spotting the police, pulls into the carpark bout 2mins later, copper goes over checks out the bike, does a serch over radio then brings him over to the police bike? Apparently he got a warning and told if he’s caught doing it again they will impound his bike!!

do you realise you posted this 3 times lol