evenin ride

bit tarty but i did some nice pics of me bike when i went out for a ride down the A272 / Petworth area this week…

Muggins here forgot his wallet but didnt realise though, so after filling up at Midhurst, I had to fill in a form and promise to return with some moolah. It’s a nice trip though so I wont grumble!

Love my new bike

Nice Shots and the Bike looks the Mutz !!!

Lucky bugger getting out for a ride.

I love that bike!!

Nice pics & nice roads down that way.

Nice one Mutleh! Love the pics, and the bike looks fab. Shame about the wallet

carefull out there i got a nip through the door this week from a camera on the a285 at petworth, apparantly i was doing 35 in a 30 limit at 08.30 on a sunday morning, pissed off is the word!

beautiful bike matey!, maybe check out our lusty, shes got a twin of yours!