Evenin' All ...

How goes it ?

London biker, lived here all my life (44 years) bike to work every morning (North East to West). West Ham fan into loud music, guitars, tattoos and real ale.


you’ll fit in just fine :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome! Like the choice of bikes.


Cheers fellas, here’s the bikes, the CB500 …

1987 FZ750

… and the Dragstar. Hoping to chop this in and get a VZ800

I bet this FZ made few speed racers with them leathers cry :smiley:


I’ve a funny feeling you’re not a fan of white.

Ha ha … Probably but it looks a lot better now I reckon. Its a really quick bike and without the fairings you really feel it too.

I like any colour bike really, as long as its matte black!

We’re going to get along just fine. :slight_smile:

Are you thinking of coming to the borough market meet and introducing yourself properly?

Ink x

Calm down… give the bloke some space !! :hehe:

I saw a thread including Matte black and beer… Just can’t help myself! pmsl. :cool: :smiley:

Back-pedalling :Whistling:

I might as well just keep my foot in my mouth as anything I say wont help.


there’s a good girl

Hi & welcome :smiley:

errr …not sure what that is, but I’m up for anything at the moment.