Evenin' All...!

Thought I’d drop a line and say hello, I’ve been riding for more years than I care to remember (Doesn’t time fly when your having fun…:D) Presently live in Mitcham and ride around on an old GSX750. Do I own the oldest bike here?? So far, what have I done to it. Good question. Ummm…Hagon rear shock, hagon progressive front springs, K&N filters, Taylor leads, Dyna coils, Dyno stage 3 with a Predator exhaust and a Giuliari seat I picked up in DEFINITELY the wrong colour…I just liked the shape of it and I’ll more than likely get it recovered, Viking Vinyls have been recommended. Anyways, right now its laid up at work (Waterloo) having had its generator and reg/rec terminally die. Lucky I’ve got brand new parts in the garden shed :stuck_out_tongue: Well thats the story of my (T)rusty old steed, maybe catch up on a meet sometime soon:)



Great to see a bit of old skool :cool:

Some members have oldies aswell as modern metal :wink:

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome Tez


Nice old skool bike :smiley:

Welcome aboard, nice 'Zook! I bet it’s loud?

Loud…?? Right now I wish it would make any kind of a sound at all :smiley: Still, I’m ‘working’ overtime tomorrow (Saturday) The car park here at work should be nice and empty and once the generator and reg/rec are changed we should be making some music again…:cool:

Hello Tez :slight_smile: