Evenin' all!

Yet another newbie here.

As you’ve probably guessed from the spectacularly unimaginative user name, I’m Nick, and while not strictly speaking being a London biker (currently living in Leicester)I’m currently spending much of my time in South Harrow (and consequently down at the Ace). I’m thirty something, currently getting about on a blackbird, into my rallies, Moto GP, WSB, BSB, and club racing. I’m also a lover of live music, Kendo, and of course beer.

Pleased to meet y’all.

Welcome to LB Nick

Hey Nick, welcome to LB!

Hello and Welcome Mate i’ll have a rum and coke while you are at the bar HAHA

“I’m also a lover of Kendo…”

You missed the D off the end mate, but yeah, he is a funny guy.

Ello Nick, welcome to LB

Hello and welcome…

welcome to LB mate

Awww Crap! Never even saw that… Sorry.


Welcome young man

Welcome to the madhouse…

“Morning”…welcome to LB…Never too early…I,ll have a Stella !!

Welcome on board & post a pic of your bike

Welcome to the forum and ye olde london towne.

Hey Nick welcome hehe, Jay can we hit and poke him with da stick???

Ease him in first mate!

Hiya Nick…

Welcome to LB!

Nick… Hello and welcome to LB…

Hmm, considering he listed one of his interests as Kendo, I would hazard a guess that he has bigger stick than you

Welcome and enjoy the poking!!!