Europeans Vs Italians (+Greeks)

(replace Italian flag with Greek flag and you have an acurate representation of Greece aswell)

Stereo type’s - you got to love 'em!

Cant wait for my road trip to italy now!!! Aaagggghhhh

Just wait until you get to those Tuscan roads - they’re fantastic

Well, to be fair, many of the roads on the way down are fantastic too!

Just be careful with the road signs… if it’s anything like Athens, following them will get you back to exactly where you started. I’ve tried it numerous times with the same result

no problema

just like heathrow’s airside…

Christ i can’t find my way round london! Reckon i may well find myself in Croatia at this rate

You’ll be Ok, we found our way back on the Kent ride after we were abandoned in the middle of nowhere !