European Superbike School Brands Hatch Indy 15th June 2005

Did the above school, aim was to get the school to agree that I was competent to get a race licence.

Day started out lovely and wet so I went out on my trusty ZX7R with full race wets. What a blast, managed to lap people three times in twenty minute sessions. Classroom talks about lines, body positioning etc and all able demonstrated on a static bike by Frankie Chili. Ran three sessions in the morning. Early lunch taken because the weather was supposed to dry up. For once this was correct although first session after lunch was on a wet track but drying. Landed up overcooking the front tyre and this caused some lovely front end slides, time to back off the heat before a crash occured.

Last three sessions were done on my SV650 mini twin. First session good despite real brown trouser moment when instructor (unknowingly) forced me onto the wet part of the circuit at paddock hill bend. With the bodywork just about scraping the ground and super corsas on the bike it was a recipe for disaster. Despite being spat out of the seat by over a foot and some tail fishing, I manged to regain control and keep going. Guys behind me came and found me after session and asked how the hell I had controlled it. Couldn’t answer as it was so fast it was just instantaneous reflex action. Next session the track was completely dry and kerb to kerb cornering was back in play. Had a few spinning moments in clearways where the rear end decided to keep spinning up but it was all completely controlable.

Now have a very shot set of wet tyres on the ZX7 and also a very shot set of tyres on an SV650. Big grin on face though, licence has been signed as competent. Was great chatting to Frankie and he was even complimentary about my riding. Roll on the next run out.

Hey Chuffster, that’s great news! You are one lucky s.o.b to stay on in that moment at Paddock Hill. I’ve ridden in the damp/wet on supercorsas and not had quite the same end result! So… roll on next year for MiniTwins eh? I’d much rather do the course at Brands, but they seem to so few and far between, prefering to go to out of the way circuits (for us southerners). What time did you get down to?

Hi Chuffster,

I was doing it yesterday too. Great day. Frankie signed my leathers!

I was bike 111 in the fast group. B&W Gixer 750 K4 (no number plate).

You must have been in the fast group too. What was your number??

The trackday photo’s should be available on line soon. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Iain.

Not sure about times. We were timed and the times are supposed to be on the web today but no sign of them yet. ESS move you around depending on ability and speed. In intermediates I was classified as dangerous becuse I was way too fast for the rest of the group, all that and I was taking it easy because of the rain! In fast group I was classified as 6th. Not bad on my ZX7 which is basically a road bike and was up against some serious trackday stuff. Even one of the instructors who races 600’s in Bemsee said he couldn’t keep up in those conditions (ha ha).

Due to massively crap tyres not sure what times will be. On new rubber it would have been faster but couldn’t get any new irellis to fit. Hoping to pick some up at Silverstone this weekend.

ESS run at Brands and Lydden in the south.

It’s OK. If you don’t want to tell me your number I’ll understand.

You should have said hello mate. Did you get the leathers signed on the white bit on shoulder when standing outside the tea bar? If so I saw you.

I started day in intermediates but was way too fast and got promoted to A2. 6th fastest on the day apparently. My timings deffo aint up, have been looking. Have you got yours then?

I have my picis as well - awesome. I was the one running the ZX7R in the wet and then went out on my SV650 in the afternoon. Quickest dude out there must have been that guy on the 125. But what fuel was he running, certainly not 2 stroke, it absolutely stunk.

Awesome day, despite the weather. Hope you enjoyed it too.