European Commission bike proposals: "Myth-buster"

From the British Motorcyclists Federation:

I approve of a type approval that guarantees the parts I buyfor my bike is fit for use and not a dodgy pile of crap which will fail andmaybe cause an accident. But to my knowledge we already have the requiredlegislation under the consumer act and an adequate motorcycle fit for use checkunder the current MOT. So in the UK I don’t see the need for furtherEU costs from rule enforcement to me the end user.

But as an EU member I’m not sure if every EU nation has thesame quality controls?

The other part of the situation, if I use parts or tune mybike to break the existing UKlaws, then as the saying goes, don’t do the crime if you are afraid to do thetime.

Thanks for the post Sparky65. Given the scaremongering in Motorcycle News, it’s good to see a straightforward factual piece on this.

Most of the proposed legislation seems to be based on common sense and logic but that doesn’t mean it’s not flawed.

Some countries in the EU will adopt this and enforce it (in the UK that seems to be done with a passion by a quango of “fundamentalists”), others will adopt it and carry on doing either nothing or what they want.

I love the on board diagnostics being “available” to the owner bit. It costs my friend about £1000 a year to keep his diagnostic computer updated. (To cover cars.) So its “available” but not necessarily accessible.

Nice one. Thanks for posting this :slight_smile: