Europe wide speed week, keep em peeled

Road policing officers are taking part in a Europe-wide speed enforcement campaign starting on Monday, 15th April.
Traffic crews which cover force areas will be carrying out extra patrols and conducting speedchecks across various locations. The campaign is being co-ordinated by the European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL) and supports the ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) roads policing strategy.

The intention is to improve the standards of driving and ultimately reduce road casualties. Every day on the roads of the UK an average of five people die and 65 are seriously injured in collisions where excess or inappropriate speed is a major factor (figures from DfT).
Road policing crews will be carrying out checks at areas which are already the subject of local speeding complaints or concerns. The checks will include the use of the mobile camera enforcement unit, which covers both force areas.

The operation will run from breakfast time on Monday and carry through until late on Sunday night.

“Driving too fast, or at an inappropriate speed remains a major factor in many road traffic collisions. It is an issue we tackle throughout the year, but operations such as this should remind motorists they stand a high risk of being caught if the choose to drive recklessly on the roads” said Insp Ed Turner

“Inappropriate” is the keyword here. Speed itself never killed anybody. They should focus on people using their phones instead.

speed never killed anybody…its the sudden stop that does it :smiley:

+1 :slight_smile:

i aint preachin, but they are looking fir you harder this week, beware white vans with dark windows parked in lay byes

Dave - can you post the link from which this came from please mate.

I’ll give the blackwall tunnel morning tear up a break for a week then lol