Eurobike 2010 Starting from Portugal and moving through Spain to France and then Italy. Take the Pyrenees Mountains for stunning roads and views. It’s not in the EU but you could also detour through the Swiss Alps and experience the Worlds best driving road as identified by Top Gear - The Stelvio Pass. The journey takes us down through Italy with a ferry crossing to Greece. Ride north through Central Europe to Estonia with a short ferry hop to Finland. The west coast of Finland takes us to our last ferry hop to Sweden, Norway, Denmark and finishing in the UK via northern European Countries.

Riders are required to fund their own journey including ferries, accommodation, insurance and breakdown cover etc. We are negotiating special rates with ferry companies, campsites, hotels and insurance. Details will be set out in the rider pack.
Riders will also be required to book their own accommodation, we will send out a list of campsites and hotels. However, you will not need to stay near to the check point so there should be plenty of availability.

Most importantly, all participators take part at their own risk. The organisers will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or accident. You must ride within the law and carefully to your ability and also respect the local communities and surroundings.

We are also asking riders to run their own mini fundraising campaigns or sponsorships to help us raise money for the selected charities.

Please send us an email if you would like to help out as a Marshal, recovery service or first aider etc.

Bike Clubs or groups - Please email us with the number of riders you expect to bring. [email protected]
Join us on an exciting journey around the 23 mainland EU countries in July 2010. This event will raise money for Unicef and other charities and hopefully set a World Record. We hope over a thousand motorcyclists will complete the circuit.

To avoid congestion and suit the individual, riders will plan their own routes through pre-specified check points. So can choose twisty mountain passes or main road cruising. Ride with your club or tag on to a small or large group.

This is a non profit making event with all proceeds going to charity, organised by volunteers. Please let us know if you can help us organise or run the event.

What do you think LB?? def sound cool!!

Is it riding at night :smiley:

I’m thinking about doing this :slight_smile:

i dont know why its showing up like that??! :ermm:

there fixed now … weird

Would love to do something like that, I am sure would be a trip of a lifetime but I dont know where I will be the day after tomorrow, never mind 2010.

I’m thinking of going on it, got to ask a few more questions 1st :slight_smile:

i guess that is the problem for most of us… especially in such a fast paced city like London… still something to keep in the backburner!! :smiley:

I guess the only thing is you need to start raising cash sooner than later, not going to be cheap. Can you see an estimated cost-have checked the website but cant see anything.


I am one of the guys setting this up. We are not charging anything but you need to pay your own way. We are trying to get good prices on train and ferry and campsites are about 10 euro’s per night. We are getting a list together. More on the site soon.

Hope to see you there.