EU Import Duty

So got this beauty in the post today, not before getting a lovely message from FedeX for additional charges that almost made me shit my pants. Thought it might have been a scam, but had a bit of a read and because of the thing no one wants to talk about anymore you can be charged up to 25% of the cost of the item order from the EU.

I have been hearing about all these import charges but have not paid much attention to it as to my ignorance I thought it only really affected business. So much for that :rofl:

My only grievance is that you dont know the charge before hand, then fedex or ups just dives into your pockets.

Anyways just something to be aware of if you plan on making a purchase.

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what was the duty you paid?

Yup, it’s a bitch if the item is over a certain value.

The issue is even more unclear when you order off a website you think is UK but isn’t.

I ordered a wooden sign the other day and thought was buying from UK company. Looked in small print and realised they were actually in Sweden. Luckily mine was only £50 or so so didn’t have extra charges…

Bummer. Though these costs have existing forever when buying from outside the EU. VAT plus duty then any handling fee by the courier. Painful eh. I too had a similar surprise when ordering a custom PC case from the EU recently. I too forgot that an EU purchase would be the same as if buying from the states.

But on a more positive note @kcoops, whoah, short exhaust! That’s going to be loud! Hope you’re not expecting to use that on any UK trackdays (maybe a loud Donnington Park day?) :joy:

@Panagiotis came up to ÂŁ108, as Fedex also slaps on their admin charge to it :cry:

@Jay yeah know they always been around, I guess it would be good if they can find some way for them to add it to the listed cost just as you will on any regular site, so you can account for it, and save the unsavoury surprise. I also ordered electronics from the US some time back thinking I will save a bit and then got the same lovely text.

With regards to the noise level it is stated as Euro 4 rated and DB Killer so shouldn’t be that load. But when going to the track I will take it off anyways (15 min job) just to give piece of mind of not wreaking everything on the bike if I have an off…touch wood.

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Two minutes after reading your post I read this one:

Covid is masking a lot of these problems as the economy has been in suspended animation. We haven’t seen the half of the issues yet.

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There you go another disadvantage of Brexit not made clear to the Leavers.

I’m told there is a loop hole here although you’d have to pay three times for the shiping. It works like this - Have a mate in the Republic of Ireland buy it for you, they then ship it across the border to another mate in Northern Ireland who then ships it on to wherever in the UK import duty free.

It was made perfectly clear at the time. Leaving the EU, we would also leave the EU Customs union, there was talk at the time of a Norway style agreement (what that actually meant was remaining in the EEA (European Economic Area)), but that was just some fluff in the press. None of the leave campaigns actually made it a policy. It was leaving the EU.

Once the Tory majority and the hardcore European Research Group (ERG lead by Rees-Mogg) made it abundantly clear that that remaining in either the EU or EEA was utterly unacceptable. It lead to the downfall of May, and then Boris won a general election on Brexit Means Brexit where he won a massive majority, and pushed through the awful agreement that we now have.

Through out this all the consequences have been frequently raised, and have been responded to with:

Brexit Means Brexit.
You lost loser, get over it.
Project Fear.
Don’t you understand the EU needs us more than we need it.
We have our sovereignty.
The EU is corrupt, we need out.

All the pit falls were highlighted repeatedly. That loophole won’t last for long, as the UK has an international agreement to have a customs border in the Irish Sea. If the UK fails to actually enforce it, the EU will take legal action against the UK to enforce it. If that happens it will be a shit show to say the least.


Lunchtime install, almost didn’t fit to the frame bracket. The bracket has a rubber bushing but it has a metal guide that you can remove. That allowed the bolt to just about fit with the muffler.

At idle it doesn’t sound much different, but look loads better in my opinion. Would see what it sounds like at revs.



Definitely looks better mate! You’d have to drop the catalytic converter box for it to sound much different.

I believe if I do that, I will void my warranty plus I will have to remap and all sorts of shit.

If this weather could pull its pants up and sort it self out, will be out testing it.

Yeah the deals we had have gone if importing into UK.
However, there are still opportunities for tourers.
Head off on holiday in crapiest gear you got - visit one of the European discounters enroute
Ride in in crap ride - out with brand new gear
No import duty No Tax No additional Courier Fees, AND have a great holiday!


“Head off on holiday in crapiest gear you got”

Some of us might find that easier than others :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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