Estate agents.

Why are these people such scum? It’s so frustrating, it’s like playing a crooked game of cards where they hold all the cards and you’re the victim of whatever way they want to play.

I’ve been searching around for property at the moment and I can’t believe the scum bags I’ve encountered, not to mention I mysteriously have started to receive a huge torrent of scam emails and scam telephone calls - good indication of the criminal scum I’ve encountered through searching for property. There doesn’t seem to be any benchmark for honesty with these vermin, big or small they’re all mostly greasy, sleazy liars. I’m not asking for the moon on a stick, I’m asking for a fair trade, of which are seldom seen. Honestly, the **** I’ve seen in recent weeks has been so ghastly and disgusting.

I can only conclude that these “people” are indeed not human, observe any other kind of mammal and you won’t see this reptile like behaviour. People who gravitate towards these roles must be reptilian - it’s the only explanation.
It is also interesting to know that there are 1,000,000 properties in the UK that don’t meet proper living conditions or building standards but over 90% of them are lived in.

This article on the BBC really came as no surprise to me recently:

It’s really big pitty my estate agent who sold me my current flat hasn’t got anything I can afford anymore :-/ She was one in a million, just straight up and honest.

what part of London are you looking in?
If its SE16 or thereabouts then go to Winkworth in Surrey Quays. Only 3 people in there and they are diamonds! I dont rent from them but I am one of their tradesmen and they’re brilliant. Funnily enough, Winkworth in Kentish Town north London is second on my list. Most other agents that I’ve worked for (and there are many!) are drivel. The larger the corporation, the worse it gets in my opinion as the personal touch has been lost.


So what exactly is your issue with the agents ? Your rambling rant is really quite confusing, fancy making it understandable for the masses ??


See, even the Mods confused … although thats easily done !!!

Can’t blame the agents for the dumb prices in London…if that’s part of your rant?

But I sympathise v_bztard - I’ve almost lost the will to live and only been looking for about 2 weeks. Every agent I registered with agreed not to call my mobile between 9-6 weekdays coz I just don’t have time to talk while I’m at work, standard is now 10-15 calls every day. :crazy:

Not really about the prices, just the terrible conditions the properties are generally in. Most of the agents I’ve met have been utter scum bags so far. They just talk absolute shite, advertise properties falsely and generally lie about everything.

I went to view a property today that was a different than advertised. It was also a different room than pictured, when I quizzed her about it being different she got really offended and acted defensively. Saying she doesn’t falsify adverts, but she clearly does as the property was different from the one advertised, so false.

The attitude of the “agents” is unbelievable, they come across like such snakes, tell you any old bullshit. I’ve turned up to basement properties where there’s been absolutely no mention of it being in a basement, the listings are written in a way to obscure certain key facts, like it’s shared property and so on. Getting an honest deal is a rarity. Loads of my friends have been screwed over by Landlords too.

After one day of speaking to agents I suddenly started receiving calls from Florida (??), getting false text message about meeting up and so on. It seems they’ve passed my details on to their scammer mates/criminal networks.

Depends who you see I think though, if your looking for over 1.1 mil then see my friend in Hamptons clapham… she knows her stuff and is genuine and honest. She gets frustrated by the lesser agents giving them a bad name. Same as car sales people really, they have a bad rep but there are some good ones out there…

Where are you looking? My wife is a lettings manager covering SE London. I dont think she is scum but then she may have another side at work?!

Well I haven’t had such bad experiences as you but then again I am brutally honest with them… I told one of them that the property she took me to see was only fit for a person on heavy antipsychotics as it was a dingy hole for a ridiculous amount of money :slight_smile:

I have had a wonderful experience with another who I said: “2+ bed, must have garage (i stressed this point out”, within m25, if flat must be top floor". Next day got three flats and tehy managed to get every single instruction wrong. I replied and next day the same… that went on for days until I replied telling them they were morons and that darwin could have used them as an interesting case in devolution of the human kind. Funnily enough, the stupid emails stopped… :slight_smile:

I must lead a charmed life when it comes to estate agents.

By strange coincidence I’ve only ever dealt with small, long established, local companies and they have been up front and honest to me for both buying and selling.

Against that, in a past life I have also dealt with some central London, upmarket (they think) large commercial agencies.

If you are talking about them v-bztard you’re being far too kind.

You forgot “demonstrably incompetent and corrupt”.