Esso petrol station!!! [email protected]$ :(

On my way home tonight i stoped at the petrol station on the a1 at highgate to fill up,i pulled in and was facing the shop where there was one man behind the counter. wanted to start filling but it wasnt working, then i herd a voice so i looked over and he was telling me over the PA “punp number 2 please turn and face the other way”. so i thought fare enough wants to get my plate on camera incase i drove off. so i did, then it still wasnt working and i get the voice again “your plate is to small i cant see it”. now im pissed off so got of the bike went in and said WHATS THE PROBLEM?

He said that my plate was to small and that he couldnt read it. hes words were “my plate is ilegal and it doesnt meet the DVLA criteria and will only serve me if i pay cash up front” WHAT A LOAD OF BULL!!!

needles to say i told him to shuv his petrol. my plate is only one size smaller then it should be what the hell is going on? and to top it off petrol is now £1.09.9 that takes the ****!!!

garages drive me nuts!

i go to one alot, awlays fill up there, never really have to take my lid off, walk in and pay…teh moment i ask for ciggies they ask me to take my lid off…why? does my head in, if they are gonna ask me to take it off, ask me when i fill up or not at all!

i have this problem a lot at night time, so i pull it off and pass it through the hatch to them to look after for me while i fill up.

lol i have had the same problem but in another garage

I NEVER go to ESSO. :angry:

  1. Since 1989, I’ve never shopped at Esso because of The Exxon (Esso) Valdez was the biggest oil spill in US history & they did a sh*t job of clearing it up.

  2. Esso has done more than any other company to stop the world from tackling climate change.

  3. For over a decade, Esso has tried to sabotage international climate change negotiations and block agreements that would lead to greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

4.Esso is also a member of Arctic Power, the lobby group trying to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling.

5.In 2000 Esso gave 91% (US$1.37 million) of it political donations to the Republican Party. Esso was more than amply repaid when President Bush promptly withdrew the US from the only global treaty to control global warming, the Kyoto Protocol.

6.Esso is informing not only its employees but also retirees and contractors how they should vote in upcoming presidential and congressional races across the US.

Therefore, you buying petrol from Esso is indirectly funding the Republicans (BUSH), as well.

I don’t want to preach, but the above points & you then get treated badly at Highgate Esso. Why do yoy buy from Esso? I’m not saying stop buying petrol, all I’m saying is get your petrol from BP, Shell, Sainsbury, Tesco, Texaco, Total & etc.

Just say no to ESSO. :smiley:

I have problem at the BP garage in Arnos Grove and the Esso Garage in Whetstone and i now never go there.

It’s been so long since I went to a petrol station where I could understand the cashier that I tend to favour those that don’t even attempt to speak. :slight_smile:

There is a much nicer (and often cheaper) local (not conglomerate) petrol station on Highgate Hill (North Hill road) - just go up past the Whittington hospital instead of under suicide bridge and turn right at the small roundabout on the top of the hill and its on the left. They are very friendly. I always take off my helmet, so I dont know if theyd let you in with it on, but their security is a lot more personable. Once they know you, they will be more relaxed with you.


I know what you mean!

They’re all in cahoots with each other! Do equal opportunities not apply to private companies then?

The worst for me is TESCOS - f**kers keep rounding **** up all the time!

“Errmmmm NO you twat I think i WILL hang about for my 2p change”

Dont need it - just dont want you to have it.