***Essex Air Ambulance/Harwich Rideout***

ESSEX AIR AMBULANCE/HARWICH FESTIVALKnow its not till 12th September, but just for info and if anyone is interested. Its the yearly meet/ride out to Harwich from Ford Dunton and we need marshals to help show the bikers where to park etc on the day. You will have a free breakfast and a brief of the days event, you can be placed anywhere from carparks 1 or 2 or by the track or even up on the roundabout, as they leave Dunton to make their way to the Harwich Festival (which is always great).

If you are interested in either marshalling with us or want info on the rideout, stick ur name down and i will get back to u with all u want to know…:slight_smile:

Mo & Jill are you gonna help this year again?

Mike has said he will be there again along with me and hopefully Abbeyj, and Stuart who ive yet to confirm with. :slight_smile:

100% will be there:cool:

Just read my heading…ESSSEC ? its the new ESSEX dont you know !! :w00t:

Whhoo Hoo thanks Mo…we need you !!! and you know why !! :wink:

Mrs Busa’s yummy cake? :w00t: :smiley:

aint heard from Nathan yet - but yup I am in…



I’ll be there


yeh them too !! i thought MO made those yummy fairycakes !! …cant have em anymore anyway…wheat n all that !! :angry:…maybe he will make me some wheat and gluten free ones with loads of icing on??? hmmmm ??? hmmmm? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes Blade count me in 100% and my mate Bart.

Will see what we can do Jules;):cool:

ha ha, brilliant !! nothing better than a cuppa and cake !!