Essential Rubber opening hours


Just a quickie: what time does Essential open (and close)?

I need to get my tyre plugged tomorrow.


Google Street view FTW :wink: :smiley:,+United+Kingdom&ll=51.539089,-0.078213&spn=0,359.980752&z=16&layer=c&cbll=51.53908,-0.078089&panoid=DR6BtH-P-0VSbdXoN6IzVg&cbp=12,210.77,2,4.73

They go to church on Sunday.

Thanks, chaps. :slight_smile:

can’t quite see fri and sat, are they 8 - 5:30 too?!?!


I think so… but the number’s easy to see if you wanna check !

P.S. wot a great way to use Street View !!
I used it Friday just gone (after seeing this post) to get the phone number for a auto accessory place in Chingford.
I knew where it was, but no idea of the name or address !!!

maybe we should pin this…

ok here it is! I’m surprised no one has done this before!


Opening Times
Mon 8-5:30
Tue 8-5:30
Wed 8-8
Thu 8-5:30
Fri 8-5:30
Sat 8-5:30
Sun Closed

020 7241 0055

27 Downham Road
N1 5AA

see the post above!!! :w00t:

8pm ??!!?

yep! wednesdays = late closing!

8pm to 8pm

haha i never noticed!!

See if my bike brakes i can just push it down the road to them :smiley: love it :smiley:

and if mine breaks i can nick yours fly round there get what i need and go back and fix it…and nick a cargo net off of Mick:D

Love Essential, got a new front there about 10 days ago. Quality.

About this “going to church” business. Apparently a new one has opened up just round the corner from Essential, attended entirely by nubile black maidens dressed in tight white jeans and low-cut white blouses. They seem to walk past there on a Saturday lunchtime. I was very tempted to cry out “take me, I’m a miserable sinner” to see if there would be any sort of laying on of hands, but in my dreams eh?

LOL yes thats true :smiley: Love how i just hand over my keys to you :stuck_out_tongue: