**Some info for you all on Essentail Rubber moving premises!

From the 1ST of november Essential Rubber will be moving to:

Essential Rubber
Unit 3 Barratt industrial park
Gillender Street
London E3 3JX

this is located just off the A12 near to the blackwall tunnel**


**The Telephone Number Stay’s The Same-

0207 241 0055

Email: [email protected]


I’d recommend these guys… especially on a late Saturday afternoon when you’re desperate to have a puncture fixed. I’ve had trouble finding anywhere open after mid-day on Saturday and, although these guys are grumpy, they’ve helped me several times.

telephone number will not be the same, i will update this once it is decided which number is for the shop but it will start 0207 987 ----

Well thats just saved me asking the question of when they’re moving! thank you :smiley:

cor blimey. Finally! Will now be directly on my route!

Very handy for me, too!

Cheers, Ratster. :cool:

pain in the arse but i’ll keep using them. postcode saved to my phone for when needed cheers ratty!

Yeah annoying for me too as i come in from west, but i will still use them…


So Essential are moving closer to my house and my new place of work? What did I do right in a previous life to deserve that!? Wahey!


essential will be moving this friday to new premises!

new phone number for essential rubber is…

0207-987-5144 :slight_smile:


Good bunch of guys. Good service. New address is a pain for me though, but I’ll still go there.

I’m really just making this post so that I can find their address easily.

Can be tricky to find if you’re not familiar with this particular layby. If you’re approaching from the north on the A12, this is the road you need to take (you need to bear left off the A12 at this point - not turn left where the silver car’s going, just bear left):
View Larger MapHere’s what to look out for:

Totally forgot they had moved. Trekked all the way down there today, then it dawned on me…

GOD was I annoyed at myself!!!