Some guy’s new stunt bike



i like it

Thats Christian Pfeiffers he is soooo good and that is a one made for him by bmw.

See his website here:

I think its a really nice looking bike, I really do like the direction BMW are moving in. Also I like the fact that most of there bikes are quite original.

Pfeiffer is the man, the world champ no less. He used to ride Ducati’s like you’ve never seen. This BMW is funky, I like it! Interesting that BMW sponsor him, not their typical market eh! I must admit, someone at work has the new GS1200 and it looks fab, a proper adventure man’s bike, like a big tonka-toy.

Very nice.

I don’t know much about stunt bikes but I thought a BMW would be too heavy?

A sweet lookin’ beast ill have to visit his site some time soon.

loved it

He is the man!! … and that’s a nice bike!

seems to me that every other bike i see in town now is a BMW!!

I was taking to a dude at some lights the other day, he said it was a “company” Bemmer…

Nice perk!!