Erm.....excuse me but...

Can you lot start looking after your licences a bit more please?

i go away for the weekend and the ‘General’ section is littered with tales of woe regarding speeding fines and plate fines!!!

Stop it!

I’ll have no one to meet at the Borough at this rate…


Well said! I think it’s sun-sickness, at the first sight of it everyone goes loopy and thinks they’re a certain Mr Rossi

So, are you coming this week then mate?

Mr Rossi the ice cream van guy from round my way? why would they want to be him!?

You should see the new sticker on my bike clocks!! “It is not a race!”

Slows me down on the commute and keeps me at legal … 'ish speeds.

my license stayed clean this weekend!! JUST!!

Wait until the postmans been b4 you go making any rash statements!

Good point!! but i am pretty confident!

my licence plate came off. I had to ride home without it, which was rather unfortunate.

Still, my parents bought a new car and they were driving round for a year before they spoke to the garage to book it in for a service and found out it was not legal.

Went down to a family party near Box Hill on Sunday. 99% of riders out in the sunshine where brilliant but even the wife (who was driving) was amazed at the small plate on a Gixer as it went past us on a corner on cross hatchings. Single line plate and there was no way I could read it as it blasted past us it was so small. Just asking to be pulled.

Well mine’s still totally pristine, following an attendance at Brighton Mags where the CPS decided that it was not in the public interest to proceed with the case against me so offered no evidence. (Fact was, they didn’t actually HAVE any evidence!) So my ‘null points’ (in a French accent a la eurovision) remains intact.

It does help to have a relatively slow bike though…

I dread the postie this time of year . . . coming home from work is a whole new fear every day I can’t imagine what might turn up after Friday

you where very lucky the weekend adan h

couldnt beleve how you got away with it lol