EPQ - Motorbike Project

Okay so some of you who know me know I’m still in college.

You may remember having to do an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) where you can do a project on pretty much anything.

Anyway seeing as I’ve become mad about bikes I figured I should do my project on bikes… I’ve gotta do some research etc…

It can be pretty much about anything, scientific, psychology, or just general research, but I guess I could do with some good ideas as to what to do it on?

Anybody wanna help out a little?


seeing as projects are about the writeup more that the subject nowadays, might help to tell us what your course is. if this project can be focussed on that, I’d guess it’ll be looked on more favourably by the markers


I dont know but I will do by tomorrow.

Pretty much it can be anything to do with anything. e.g. “do speed cameras really promote safer driving”

or “should wearing a motorcycle helmet be compulsory”

etc etc pretty much anything I can do some research on.


How is it graded? It’s really difficult to give a suggestion without knowing more about what they are looking for…

If it’s a graphic design project for example, it could be to research, design and build a scale model of a new bike.
If it’s a business studies project it could be a feasibility study of a bike business of some kind.
If it’s an English project it could be anything as long as it has gud spellinz :stuck_out_tongue:

What about

What make a “real” biker?.

What does make a real biker

Who is the best drifter? :wink:

what’s the best bike? that should keep you busy for a while

Well you can compare the pro & cons of a V-twin to a inline-four to a triple and discuss how the commercial motorcycle industry has settled on these engine types after years of R&D and the contributing factors to the outcome.

Also, you could delve into how increased features on bikes (recently) have affected the biking community and road traffic safety as a whole. Features like ABS, traction control, selectable power modes etc… (probably not enough research available on this topic as the bikes have only had this for a couple of years and traction control is new for 2010)

You could also discuss the decline of two-stroke bikes and how this changed motorsports and the bikes we all ride today.

You could discuss how motorcyclists make up a small percentage of road users but a larger percentage of RTA fatalities. How this does or does not affect the greater public’s awareness/perception of motorcyclists and what the current level of motorcycle awareness with motorists (or lack of) has/hasn’t been tackled by training & public education programs.

This is all I could think of whilst I have my morning coffee but I am sure there are hundreds of things you could look into. Whatever floats your boat CHIPS

On the sociological side you could do a study on why the British buy more sports bikes than any other European country (in total and percentage wise)

There are some good ideas rolling in :slight_smile:

Pretty much, I can do ANYTHING - tabula rasa…

So if I wanted to MAKE a bike, I could even do that.

I’ve got to have something at the end, a talking point - and object, presentation, etc.

And have an essay on it (5000 words).

Cheers for the ideas guys!

I’d like to read that, but don’t leave out us V4 riders!

Also, don’t forget parallel twins.

This type of project will lend itself to incorporating excel tables with figures such as power:weight ratios, comparisons of torque and power produced by different engine configurations etc. You can also do lots of pretty graphs and charts in your presentation.

If you don’t want anything technical, you could look at the types of modifications that are done to road bikes, the most common modifications, extreme modifications, the enhancement or otherwise to the value of the bike. Lots of pictures for the presentation.

or…why the britsh biking manufactor market is almost extinct…the fall of such greats such as triumph and norton ext…what did we do wrong?..give the lecturer something he’s really going to get his teeth into and not just speed read…

i would like to know why we gave up so easilly…why didnt we produce such ledgends such as the Mighty GSXR ect…what did we really do wrong?..it was all there for the taking but the japs cornerd the market…why did we allow that?..

fcuk it…i might research that myself!!!:D.