Epic Puncture

I can see it now…

“When I were a lad, we got real punctures!” :smiley:

Lucky escape indeed, well done for staying on. :smiley:

that is EPIC! fooooook that!

Bike is back on the road (sorted it two weekends back). Managed to get a repacement tyre, rim and brake disc off ebay for less than a Nifty. Result!

Only quibble is running Michelins 2ct on the front and a Pirelli supercorsa on the back. Feels ok but I got more feedback from the Michelin rear, probably cos it was new.

The replacement rim comes with white rim tape (some wil be happy to know :Whistling: ) but do I change the blue tape on the front to match the rear or vica versa. Lets see.

Hopefully see some you at Ace tonight.

Here’s one i had on my Yamaha XT660X a few years back, on my way down the M25 the bike kept vibrating like the wheel was out of balance,i got off the bike a number of times to check what the problem was and found nothing , took the bike in to have the wheel balanced ,still no improvement ,eventually got round to removing the tyre and found this ! the only reason it didn’t deflate was that the place i had fit new tyres wrapped the rim with with gaffa tape instead of the rubber rim tape .


Seen a bolt like that go through a car tyre before, I was talking to the guy while he had it repaired at the garage and he took it out of his pocket to show me, made my two nail in the left rear tyre look pitiful…but I think he was compensating. :slight_smile:

How the hell does a bolt like that get the angle to drive through the tyre when it has such a blunt end ???


Wow… what amazes me is how that actually when through…

Its not like its sharp at all.

'kin hell :w00t:

I’ve had normal size screws give me a puncture but never anything that big.

It might depend partly on how heavy the rider is, but I’ve never met the OP and don’t know heavy he is so I couldn’t possibly comment.

Buck - that must have been some seriously strong gaffa tape :laugh: