Ennis gets the gold

flipping heck I thought she wasn’t going to make it. that last 100m was heroic!

Although I was watching, I bet there are now people that have this on record that are not liking you right now - bit like posting the subject ‘Rossi wins at last’ as the title on moto gp day!!!
Think bike.think biker.think out enjoying the roads & freedom that want to watch this with out knowing The result beforehand! Lmao!:Whistling:

bah, they should stay off the internet then :stuck_out_tongue: there’s a dozen notices on my facebook feed saying the same thing :slight_smile:

Surely it’s kind of hard to hide from the Olympics :wink:

best in the world and fit as feck :smiley:

You tosser! Just got home, cooking some food, planning to watch on TiVo…glanced at LB while cooking and this!!!


Sorry, but if you don’t want to know the result, stay off the internet! If you plan your day to not watch it live the rest of the world isn’t going to alter their lives around it…

Not bad for a ‘fat’ lass either eh? Well done Jess!

Amazing evening to be British! Trust the footballers to balls it all up… lol

As the Olympics programme just finished it went into a trailer for original British drama. Aye! It is!

yup, she’s good :smiley: and yes if you dont wanna know the results stay on the internet until you’ve watched it :slight_smile:

makes sence :smiley: