england out ---------again

played shit cant shot fron the spot …england all over

How much do they pay these w****rs a week???

The whole tournament, they struggled like an overweight sunday league side and just failed to put on a convincing and consistent display of skill. They are supposed to be the elite of football talent in this country, they play in the premier league… PREMIER!

Australia, even though they lost, they can hold their heads high because they played their arse off, and played well. US?? Even when we win we scrape through by the skin of our teeth after playing like donkeys. They dont deserve to adorn themselves with our shirt.

And dont get me started on the swede.

Rant over

And who deleted my st georges flag avatar??? I want to thank you for saving me the effort of doing it. Cheers.

Its not coming home, its not coming home, its not coming, footballs not coming home… Twats

I am now supporting Braaaaaaaaaaasil… the ladies under 25 team that is…Corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

I now want Germany to win!

Hate the French (came to New Zealand with their special forces to blow up the rainbow warrior), The rest of them I dislike for many reason but the main one be their style of football that they play.

Perhaps next time England should bear in mind that scoring is an important part of the game. :shrug

That joke about Ronaldo playing England to a 1 - 1 draw…by himself…even after being sent off after 12 minutes seems to ring even more true now. England could have played until the Sun came up Monday and not scored.

Their “offense” (and I use that term in it’s most liberal sense) is horrendous…it was embarrassing to watch in the second half. Scared to move forward…scared to even attempt a shot at goal…and the penalty kicks…oi…I’ve seen little girls being mugged by street thugs put on a braver face than those “strikers” England sent in to take the penalty kicks. Scared…every one of them.

It’s up to Italy now…

england lost get over it…

Strange post? Why post on a topic that you have no interest in? Each to their own

awwwwwwwww u upset cos we lost the footieball, like we expect anything else…

i can post what i like where i like mate…

I agree and thats why I said each to their own. I must be a different person who would not search the site looking for something I was not interested in and then posting on it.